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Sneak Preview

One of the services we've been doing a lot more lately for our artist and label clients has been website creation and re-design. This has inspired us to begin working on doing a new launch of our own website. And even though it keeps taking a back seat to our client websites, we are finally underway. One of the things we're focusing on in our new site is really getting to the meat of all of our services. We still have long-term clients that aren't aware of the entire breadth of services we offer. So, one of the ways we're helping this is by doing some screenshot walkthrough videos that really show what it is we can do! So, the first of these new videos focuses on our Facebook Services. So take a look, and get a feel for not only all we do with client's Facebook Pages, but also get a feel for all of the new goodies that will be coming to the new-look http://rosebrookclassical.com very soon!

We'd love to hear your thoughts on Facebook and Twitter (@RbClassical)

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