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Last week and weekend we had the pleasure of facilitating some live social media interactions with our clients. Sometimes you just can't deliver the full experience, like when you're there. So we thought it would be fun to share some of it with you here!

Last Wednesday evening we had the distinct pleasure of visiting Reference Recordings artist Doug MacLeod at his concert in Dallas. Doug is a blues guitarist/singer/songwriter that appears on Reference Recordings' new sub-label Fresh! From Reference Recordings. Fresh! features non-classical and non-jazz artists like Doug MacLeod, The Curios, and more. We had a great time getting RR going on their Twitter and Facebook accounts with the hashtag #BrandNewEyes (the name of Doug's Fresh! release). The RR accounts were singing with pictures of Doug before the show with fans and during the show on-stage. We also grabbed some shaky video for them to post on YouTube afterwards. All-in-All it was a wonderful night! You can scroll down through the tweets on Twitter, and take a look on Facebook!

Here are a couple of those videos:

And here are some of the pics:
Meeting the fans
Adding his signature to a well-traveled guitar
He got some "Brand New Eyes"
"It'll go exactly like this"
"Turkey Leg Woman"

For more, check out the Reference Recordings blog!

And unless you completely turned off all social media this weekend, you should know that last weekend we were in New Orleans with Jade Simmons to help facilitate the #PaganiniProject. The #PaganiniProject was a pretty great success, and is still growing. Not only was it a lot of fun, it was a great way to kick off what is sure to be a fantastic album. We not only engaged Jade's current Facebook and Twitter followers (and on a weekend at that), we added new fans and followers, and moved #PaganiniProject up the SEO Ladder in Google into the first page. Not too shabby for an album that is only half-way through being recorded (second recording session is in December in NYC). We also got some pretty great material that will be readily available as we get close to the actual #PaganiniProject release!

Check out some of the goods here, but then make sure to visit http://stalkingsuperwoman.com">StalkingSuperwoman.com, Jade's Facebook Page, and search #PaganiniProject on Twitter for the full picture!

Some sound recordings from the session (taken on phone so not the highest of quality audio-wise):
#PaganiniProject by stalkingsuperwoman

We even worked in a quick Livestream:

jademedia on livestream.com. Broadcast Live Free

Some Quick Videos:

Pictures at the studio:

The Piety, New Orleans, LA
Bustin' out the Wurlitzer
Rob setting up

Warmin Up
Rob & Jade goin over notes
Mobile Rosebrook Classical Setup
Rehashing the first take

Talkin balance

Pictures during the Photo Shoot:
The first stop

Deciding on some of the shots we're thinking about

Dolores is getting Jade ready

Photographer Nathan Simmons doing some Tweeting of his own!

Stylist? Gunslinger? Both?

Jade and the "electrician" Roburt Reynolds

For more visit http://stalkingsuperwoman.com

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