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Your humble correspondent had a whirlwind weekend -- two operas, two plays. I managed to get one review done in between my travels to College Park, D.C., Shirlington and Columbia, but I have a previously scheduled day off Monday, so you will just have to stay on pins and needles until I can file all the rest.

In due time, I will report on Washington National Opera's staging of "Nabucco" (you ought to go, if only for the roof-raising performance by soprano Csilla Boross as Abagaille and an intriguing theatrical concept by Thaddeus Strassberger that will give you plenty to argue about).

Also coming up will be reviews of "God of Carnage" at Signature Theatre (well worth the trip, even if you're planning to catch the play's Baltimore premiere from Everyman next season) and "Las Meninas" at Rep Stage (worthy presentation of an unusual work).

Stay tuned.

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