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Leonard Bernstein, Composer
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(1918-1990). American conductor, composer, pianist, author, educator.  A Grammy and Tony Award winner, and an Oscar nominee, Bernstein's musical legacy is intertwined with the developments in mass media dissemination and celebrity exposure, as evidenced by the massive multi-genre body of works, recordings and taped radio and TV broadcasts he left behind. He was the only student to ever get an A in Fritz Reiner's conducting class at the Curtis Institute, and many of the performances he gave...
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Bernstein: Westside Story: Mambo
Westside Story: Mambo (2:29) N/A
Bernstein: Candide N/A
Act I - Overture (4:31) N/A
Act I - Westphalia Chorale (1:01) N/A
Act I - Life is Happiness Indeed (3:00) N/A
Act I - The Best of All Possible Worlds (2:42) N/A
Act I - Universal Good (0:55) N/A
Act I - Oh, Happy We (2:05) N/A
Act I - It Must Be So (2:15) N/A
Act I - Westphalia (0:55) N/A
Act I - Battle Music (0:57) N/A
Act I - Candide's Lament (6:22) N/A
Act I - Dear Boy (4:20) N/A
Act I - Auto-da-fé (What a Day) (7:56) N/A
Act I - Candide Begins His Travels; It Must Be Me (Candide's Second Meditation) (3:12) N/A
Act I - The Paris Waltz (3:18) N/A
Act I - Glitter and be gay (6:49) N/A
Act I - You Were Dead, You Know (3:01) N/A
Act I - I Am Easily Assimilated (4:14) N/A
Act I - Quartet Finale (3:24) N/A
Act II - Universal Good (1:08) N/A
Act II - My Love (2:30) N/A
Act II - We Are Women (Polka) (3:34) N/A
Act II - The Pilgrim's Procession/Alleluia (2:42) N/A
Act II - Quiet (4:19) N/A
Act II - Introduction to El Dorado (1:17) N/A
Act II - The Ballad of El Dorado (3:21) N/A
Act II - Words, Words, Words (Martin's Laughing Song) (3:12) N/A
Act II - Bon Voyage (2:35) N/A
Act II - The Kings' Barcarolle (3:53) N/A
Act II - Money, Money, Money (Venice Gambling Scene) (0:45) N/A
Act II - What's the Use? (4:31) N/A
Act II - The Venice Gavotte (4:26) N/A
Act II - Nothing More Than This (4:04) N/A
Act II - Universal Good (1:08) N/A
Act II - Make Our Garden Grow (4:01) N/A
Bernstein: Westside Story: Mambo
Westside Story: Mambo (2:51) N/A
Bernstein: Overture to Candide
Conductor: Toshiyuki Shimada
Recording Date: Sat 26 Sep 2009
Overture to Candide (4:47) N/A
Dvorak: Symphony no 9 in E minor, Op. 95/B 178 "From the New World" N/A
Composer: Antonin Dvorak
Conductor: Leonard Bernstein
Recording Date: Mon 16 Apr 1962
I - Adagio - Allegro molto (10:58) N/A
Intro Masur sequence (3:24) N/A
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