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We are devoted to creating and presenting musical events, works and collaborations that reflect the highest artistic expressions of our time, to instigating a creative dialogue through the works and artists presented, and to reinforcing the necessity for the voice of the living composer in our cultural heritage. Since 1985, Third Angle has presented more than 90 programs of contemporary music, commissioned more than 25 new works and released nine recordings to critical acclaim. These ach...
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Omiccioli: funeral symphony: after m.k.ciurlionis (2013) N/A
i. / prologue (5:10) N/A
ii. (1:40) N/A
iii. (3:02) N/A
iv. (1:50) N/A
v. (2:36) N/A
vi. (2:40) N/A
vii. / epilogue (4:07) N/A
Gordon: Abaciscus (for string quartet) N/A
Circus Scene (3:54) N/A
Orpheus (5:07) N/A
Bikini Girls (2:57) N/A
The Angel before St Joachim (6:32) N/A
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Kepler’s harmonies from his Harmonices Mundi (1619) From the stars of cosmos to the wildflowers of Earth, for centuries composers have found n...
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Impacts on our music come from unexpected sources. For me, one of the biggest was a botany / biology professor during my senior year in college. In...
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I’ve always been intrigued by the way that we listen to music. If you think of ‘hearing’ as simply sound gathering, then ‘listening’ is really a me...
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Arvo Pärt and Mark Powell, Walt Disney Concert Hall, May 2016 Videmus nunc per speculum in ænigmate: tunc autem facie ad faciem. Nunc cognosco...
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What a week this is shaping up to be. I suppose we should have known last year when we were planning this season that a January 20th concert might ...
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