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Joel Puckett is acomposer who is dedicated to the belief that music can bring consolation,hope, and joy to all who need it. The Washington Post has hailed him asboth "visionary" and "gifted" and the head critic for the BaltimoreSun, Tim Smith, hailed his newest piece, This Mourning, as "being ofcomparable expressive weight" to John Adams' Pulitzer Prize winning work, Onthe Transmigration of Souls.    Born on the south side of Atlanta, Joel is the son of a Dixie land jazz musicianand a classic...
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Puckett: Avelynn's Lullaby
Avelynn's Lullaby (8:49) N/A
Puckett: Concerto Duo for Flute, Clarinet and Orchestra N/A
The Great American Acream Machine (The Tallest Wooden Roller Coaster in the World) (for Roya) (4:30) N/A
Mama Dee's Song for Joel (for little A) (10:31) N/A
for Audrey (6:17) N/A
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Joel Puckett
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