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Knoxville Symphony Orchestra
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The mission of the Knoxville Symphony Orchestra is to develop and sustain a symphony orchestra of the highest artistic standards and to reach East Tennessee audiences of all ages by providing excellence in musical performance and education programs. When Bertha Walburn Clark first performed with her string quartet in 1910, she laid the foundation for what would become the Southeast's oldest continuing orchestra and a pillar of East Tennessee's cultural life-the Knoxville Symphony Orchestra. ...
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This week is already upon us, it seems. After last week's Chamber Classics concert and the Indiana Jones production, there are at least three conce...
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Okay, my fingers have thawed out enough to type a bit here. 2018 will start with a bang! January's schedule promises to create its own body heat ...
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The Christmas season has us in its embrace! You may have noticed in your travels some people moving so fast that they are just blurs, with musical ...
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With Black Friday behind us, (wait, black for whom!?) we can now turn our attention to the more spiritual aspects of the Holiday season.  I trust t...
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