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The School of Music at Boston University, founded in 1872, is the oldest degree-granting music program in the United States. The character of the School is shaped by its position at the center of a major university situated in the heart of Boston, a city that takes learning and music seriously. The School is committed to integrating professional training and the study of the liberal arts for undergraduate students. At the graduate level, students participate in a rich intellectual and artisti...
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Shostakovich: Symphony no 11 in G minor, Op. 103 "The Year 1905" N/A
Conductor: David Hoose
Recording Date: Mon 2 Apr 2012
I - The Palace Square: Adagio (16:23) N/A
II - The Ninth of January: Allegro (20:24) N/A
III - Eternal Memory: Adagio (14:17) N/A
IV - Tocsin: Allegro non troppo (14:53) N/A
Berlioz: Grande messe des morts, Op. 5 N/A
Requiem et Kyrie (11:01) N/A
Dies irae (11:57) N/A
Quid sum miser (2:59) N/A
Rex tremendae (5:50) N/A
Quaerens me (4:39) N/A
Lacrymosa (9:51) N/A
Offertorium (9:39) N/A
Hostias (3:17) N/A
Sanctus (10:29) N/A
Agnus Dei (11:29) N/A
Mahler: Symphony no 4 in G major N/A
Composer: Gustav Mahler
Conductor: David Hoose
Recording Date: Tue 11 Feb 2014
I - Bedächtig, Nicht eilen; Recht gemächlich (Haupttempo) (15:46) N/A
II - In gemächlicher Bewegung, Ohne hast (9:02) N/A
III - Ruhevoll (Poco adagio) (19:30) N/A
IV - Sehr behaglich (9:06) N/A
Hindemith: Symphonic Metamorphosis on Themes of Carl Maria von Weber N/A
Composer: Paul Hindemith
Conductor: David Hoose
Recording Date: Tue 11 Feb 2014
Allegro (4:17) N/A
Turandot Scherzo: Moderato - Lebhaft (7:59) N/A
Andantino (4:09) N/A
Marsch (4:47) N/A
Galante: Resplendent Glory
Composer: Rossano Galante
Conductor: David J. Martins
Recording Date: Wed 20 Nov 2013
Resplendent Glory (7:09) N/A
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Watch the full HD video of this performance including the pre-concert lecture by BU Professor Andrew Shenton at the BU School of Music's Virtual Co...
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