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" Un grand bravo! An authentic Latin representative of the French School of Flute " said Jean Pierre Rampal. Those fortunate enough to hear Brazilian flutist James Strauss immediately agree with the French Master appreciation; it´s an extraordinary display of erudite musicianship allied with an innate sense of communication through Art. Strauss is a musician with an equal flair for sweetness, elegance and whatever extremes possible inside the concept of...
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Welcome news in that Florent Schmitt’s Suite for Flute & Orchestra, Opus 129, is receiving its world premiere recording by flautist James Strauss,with the Lithuanian National Symphony Orchestra.
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Dinicu: Hora staccato
Composer: Grigoras Dinicu
Conductor: Ricardo Averbach
Recording Date: Wed 31 Jan 2007
Hora staccato (2:40) N/A
Tchaikovsky: Small Kuban Variations
Conductor: Ricardo Averbach
Recording Date: Wed 31 Jan 2007
Small Kuban Variations (8:14) N/A
Debussy: Syrinx
Composer: Claude Debussy
Recording Date: Tue 6 Sep 2011
Syrinx (3:16) N/A
Ibert: Concerto for Flute N/A
Composer: Jacques Ibert
Conductor: Jose Luis Castillo
Recording Date: Fri 11 May 2012
I - Allegro (4:42) N/A
II - Andante (7:17) N/A
III - Allegro scherzando (8:27) N/A
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