About Download Code Campaigns

Download Code Campaigns are a great way to share music with your fans. Give fans a code and they can download the music that you have associated with that code. There are many ways to use codes:

  • Give codes to the audience of your concerts so that they can relive the concert experience - a true InstantEncore!
  • Create a set of highlights and pass out to fans, potential sponsors and donors
  • Include codes on your business cards
  • Sell download cards at your concerts or box office
  • Download Code Campaigns are flexible - be creative with how you use them!

There are many benefits of Download Code Campaigns, including:

  • Whenver someone redeems a code they are asked if they want to "Become a Fan" of you on InstantEncore. When someone becomes your fan they automatically get alerted when your new music, concerts, videos and more go online. You can also send personal messages to all your fans.
  • Download codes are a great way to re-engage your audience after the concert.
  • Are you a 501c3 organization? If so, you can setup you Partner account to receive donations whenever someone redeems a code. You can customize the "donation ask" to maximize the effectiveness.
How they work

The first thing to do is create a Download Code Campaign. You'll need to pick the type of codes to create (Universal or Personalized) and choose the music you want to associate with the campaign.

To redeem a code your fans should go to your InstantEncore page (www.instantencore.com/yourpartnername) and type in the code in the field that says "enter download code". If they don't already have an InstantEncore account they will be asked to create one (it takes less than a minute) and then they will be directed to their downloads.


There is no cost to create or redeem codes. You are free to create and distribute as many codes as you like.

Universal Codes - Recommended!

A Universal code is a single word or phrase, such as "ISOMozart08", that can be given to multiple people. Universal codes are perfect for printing in a concert program or advertisement. They can be printed on marketing materials or posted on a website as a promotion. You can create multiple universal codes for a Download Code Campaign and track the number of redemptions to see which promotion was most successful.

Personalized Codes

A Personalized code is a unique 10 digit sequence of characters, such as "KAD3-C82W-CA". Specify the number of Personalized codes you want and InstantEncore will automatically create them. Unlike Universal codes, each Personalized code can only be redeemed by one individual.

How to Distribute Codes

There are an unlimited number of ways that you can distribute your codes. Here are just a few options:

  • Create a flyer that promotes the code and includes redemption instructions. Pass out the flyer to the audience as they come to your concert, or insert the flyer in the program.
  • Email the code to your fan list, or use the InstantEncore Fan Center to send the code to all the people who signed up to be your fan on InstantEncore.
  • Share the code with your friends on Facebook or other social networking sites to help promote your music.
  • Be creative! Let us know what new ideas you come up with. We love featuring special promotions by our partners.
Getting Started

To create or manage a Download Code Campaign go to the "Download Code Campaigns" section of the Control Panel. If you have any questions please Contact Us.

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