NEC Philharmonia + Wolff
30 Sep 2010
Conductor: Hugh Wolff
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Adams: Lollapalooza
Composer: John Adams
Conductor: Hugh Wolff
Recording Date: Wed 29 Sep 2010
Lollapalooza (7:16) N/A
Beethoven: Symphony no 4 in B flat major, Op. 60 N/A
I - Adagio - Allegro vivace (11:03) N/A
II - Adagio (8:57) N/A
III - Allegro vivace (5:30) N/A
IV - Allegro ma non troppo (6:53) N/A
Berlioz: Symphonie fantastique, Op. 14 N/A
Composer: Hector Berlioz
Conductor: Hugh Wolff
Recording Date: Wed 29 Sep 2010
I - Rêveries, Passions (14:13) N/A
II - Un bal (A Ball) (5:56) N/A
III - Scène aux champs (Scene in the Fields) (15:20) N/A
IV - Marche au supplice (March to the Scaffold) (6:24) N/A
V - Songe d'une nuit du sabbat (Dreams of a Witch's Sabbath) (9:41) N/A
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necmusic 8:54 AM - 22 Sep 2011 | Applause: 0
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