Curtis Symphony Orchestra (Christoph Eschenbach, Di Wu, Thomas Bloch): MESSIAEN Turangalîla-symphonie
14 Apr 2011
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Messiaen: Turangalîla-Symphonie N/A
I - Introduction: Modéré, un peu vif (5:47) N/A
II - Chant d'amour I: Modéré, lourd (7:34) N/A
III - Turangalîla I: Preque lent, rêveur (5:13) N/A
IV - Chant d'amour II: Bien modéré (9:56) N/A
V - Joie du song des étoiles: Vif, passionné, avec joie (6:12) N/A
VI - Jardin du sommeil d'amour: Très modéré, très tendre (15:54) N/A
VII - Turangalîla II: Un peu vif, bien modéré (3:38) N/A
VIII - Développement de l'amour: Bien modéré (11:20) N/A
IX - Turangalîla III: Bien modéré (5:13) N/A
X - Final: Modéré, presque vif, avec une grande joie (6:52) N/A
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newtrina 4:24 AM - 15 Apr 2011 | Applause: 0
It was an amazing concert! Curtis continues to educate their audiences, as well as their amazing students.This was our first chance to hear the Kimmel's organ. Philadelphia is fortunate to have two such important instruments. The short organ interludes before and after the orchestra performance were helpful and enlightening. Bravo Curtis (as usual.)
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