The First of Mahler
14 Oct 2011
Conductor: Hugh Wolff
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Strauss: Don Juan, Op. 20
Don Juan, Op. 20 (17:34) N/A
Mahler: Symphonic Poem in 2 Parts (1888-89 version of Symphony no 1) N/A
Introduction and Allegro comodo (12:36) N/A
‘Blumine’ (Andante) (6:39) N/A
Scherzo (6:42) N/A
“‘Gestrandet! ‘Todtenmarsch in ‘Callots Manier’”; attacca; Molto appassionato (29:31) N/A
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zorach 10:57 AM - 29 Sep 2011 | Applause: 1
It was wonderful to hear the youthful version of M1, although naturally it would have been even better if the 1889 "Todtenmarsch" had been found and used. (I understand that the first 8 pages of "Blumine" are actually the 1889 version, with the remainder showing Mahler's later emendations. Were these emendations removed for this performance?) Despite this (or these, whichever is correct) textual shortcoming(s), this performance of the early version makes it quite clear to me what all the fuss was about in 1889. This is brilliant music written by a smartass kid! No wonder the stuffed shirts in Budapest were angered.
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