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(WILLIAMS) - SCHINDLER'S LIST - Flavio Sala, Guitar
Seeded by flaviosala on 27 Feb 2012
Author: guitargurugu
Schindler's List Sound track (John Williams) - Flavio Sala, guitar. Arranged by John Williams. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ TAKE GUITAR LESSONS WITH FLAVIO: LIKE MY FB FANS PAGE SUBSCRIBE MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL ABOUT THE GUITAR I PLAY ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Flavio Sala is the new Paganini of the guitar" - Alirio Diaz "It was very exciting for me to listen to Flavio Sala" - Steve Howe "Flavio Sala has a great technical ability" - Paco de Lucia Italian guitarist, with more than 40,000 fans around the world ( and millions of views on Youtube ( Flavio Sala is considered the new star of the gui