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This is it. The Cold of the Century. A difficult, busy month is infused with this head-in-a-vise condition that sends me bedward. My wife’s chicken and dumplings helps somewhat, but students, quartet members and band members are told to stay away on account of my misery. A couple lessons I’ve simply had to teach because the work load this month (many more daytime, weekday services) simply does not allow for a rescheduling. I’ve had to beg off of a Swingtet gig on the site of “Extreme Makeover” because of this... this.... thing. The fact that it was outdoors would have ensured the longevity of my ailment. Gabe Lefkowitz’s merry band of diners who have been eating their way across Knoxville have come within five blocks of my house, this time to Palavah Hut for Liberian food on Magnolia Ave, but alas and alack, I am cuckolded in this Kleenex castle for at least another day.

I can sort of do bowings in my state. There’s plenty of that– the Bach Brandenburg 6, Mahler 2 and Purcell’s Chacony. I’ll just spray the parts with Chloraseptic before I hand them in. Also surfing the web is pretty safe. In doing so, I have come across an interesting blog by Edward Cumming, who will take the podium for the next Masterworks concerts this coming Thursday and Friday at 8. Maestro Cumming speaks of two things I am very familiar with; classical music and the city of Hartford. Current Director of Orchestras at the Hartt School in Hartford and former director of the Hartford Symphony, he and I have literally trod a lot of common ground, although luckily for all, the podium was never under MY feet. (Just so you know, I started college 33 years ago at the Hartt School).

Knoxville and Hartford are intense rivals athletically, but pretty copasetic musically. They have Geno, we have Pat. “(But ah, they have the Pats!” you say). The UConn men’s basketball team will play at the Thompson-Boling Arena next Saturday. I wonder if Maestro Cumming will go...
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