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The newest RR release Delibes: Sylvia & Coppelia featuring the San Francisco Ballet Orchestra was featured as the WQXR "Album of the Week." From Sunday, April 29 through the first week of May, WQXR featured Sylvia & Coppelia as a part of their weekly spotlight on compelling new recordings.

From WQXR:

"We at WQXR don't encounter too many recordings by ballet orchestras...The oldest professional ballet company in America, [San Francisco Ballet] is also one of the first dance companies to have its own permanent body of musicians. The company has a new recording that pairs Léo Delibes’s Coppélia and Sylvia, shedding light on these vivid and tuneful ballet scores... Led by conductor Martin West, the San Franciscans brings out its many colorful gestures, such as the alto saxophone solo in the Act III barcarolle (Delibes was one of the first composers to write for the alto sax)...There is no profundity here, only the enchanting melodies and rhythms of the dance..."

View their full feature on WQXR.org

Listen to the Sylvia/Coppélia Sample Pack on RR Radio:

RR-125HDCD - Delibes - Sylvia/Coppélia - West/SF Ballet Orchestra- $16.98 - Order NOW!
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Composer: Léo Delibes
Conductor: Martin West
Presenter: WQXR
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