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Newest Reference Recordings release Delibes: Sylvia & Coppélia available in HRx format!

See what others are saying about Sylvia & Coppélia:

“... what charm, what wealth of melody!” —Tchaikovsky on Delibes

Leo Delibes’ COPPÉLIA is pure delight, a feast of musicality and humor for all ages. Probably the greatest ballet comedy ever written! On this disc we also present Delibes’ SYLVIA, a romance filled with sighs of longing and the thrill of infatuation. Set in antiquity, the ballet literally places love on a pedestal in the person of the Greek god Eros.

Track Listing:

Sylvia – Suite 40:22: 1. Prélude 2. Les Chasseresses 3. Intermezzo 4. Valse Lente 5. Cortège Rustique 6. Danse des Ethiopiens 7. Chant bachique 8. Marche et Cortège de Bacchus 9. Scène 10. Barcarole 11. Pizzicato 12. Pas des Esclaves 13. Strette - Galop 14. Apothéose

Coppélia – Suite 32:42: 15. Prélude 16. Mazurka 17. Valse Swanhilde 18. Czárdás (Danse hongroise) 19. Scène 20. Valse de la poupée 21. Valse des Heures 22. L'Aurore (Les Fleurs) 23. L Prière (La Nuit) 24. Le Travail (La Fileuse) 25. L'Hymen (Noce villageoise) 26. Galop Final

Listen to the Sylvia & Coppélia Sampler Pack:

Purchase the Delibes: Sylvia & Coppélia HRx direct from Reference Recordings

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Composer: Léo Delibes
Conductor: Martin West
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