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risatakahashi - YouTube - 6:12
Neue Liebeslieder (selected movements) by Johannes Brahms. Performed by UBC Chamber Choir. Risa Takahashi, graduate student conductor. University of British Columbia Choirs. Thursday, February 16th...
8 years ago
lyricomposer - YouTube - 7:25
BoŇ°ko Brkic (Serbian) and Admira Ismic (Moslem) were killed by sniper fire in May 1993, while fleeing the Bosnian conflict. Brent Straughan's "Precari" is an operatic depiction of their imagined li...
12 years ago
ianmcandrewmusic - YouTube - 3:30
A slideshow video of my song, "A Birthday", poem by Christina Rosetti. Here sung by the dedicatee, soprano Carolyn Sinclair, accompanied by Michael Onwood, live in concert 13 September 2007 at D...
12 years ago
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