(1653-1713). Italian violinist and composer.

Corelli is credited with inventing the Concerto Grosso, a musical form later used widely by other baroque composers, including Handel and Bach. His 12 Concerti Grossi (1714) were groundbreaking.

Corelli's violin technique, including the effect of playing more than one note simultaneously, was greatly influential. Among his students were Geminiani and Locatelli.

At the time of his death, Corelli was the most famous musician in Europe.

Additional Perspectives:

Arcangelo Corelli he was born on February 17, 1653. He was the one of the five children born to his parents. His parents were very wealthy land owners. His parents’ names were Arcangelo Corelli and Santa Raffini. He was born over 30 years before J.S Bach and Georg Handel. When he was a teenager his family made education a priority, so he went to high school and college.

His first documented teachers were Faenza and Lugo under whom he studied music theory. Giovanni Benevento taught him on the violin from 1666 to 1667. Leonardo Brugnoli, another violinist, taught him afterward. He later on studied music in Bologna. His violin teacher was Bassani while Mateo Simonelli taught him composition. Corelli served Queen Christina of Sweden in 1679; he also worked for Cardinal Pamphili in Rome and Cardinal Ottobani.

In 1682, he was first violinist at the San Luigi dei Francesi orchestra. Some of his famous names are the “Founder of Modern Violin”, “World’s First Great Violinist”, and “Father of the Concerto Grosso”.

In 1681 he worked for the electoral prince of Bavaria. While working for the prince he spent a lot of time at his friend Christiano Farinelli house. His music talents can be divided in three ways, as a composer, violinist, and a teacher.

As a composer he composed many works of music. After Corelli got out of college he worked for the Catholic Church. While at the Catholic Church he perfected the Concerto Grosso. A Concerto Grosso is a group of musicians that consists of two different sizes of instruments. In Corelli’s group it consisted of two violins and a cello. Corelli proved how great the concerto was he made it popular. The concerto was as important like the symphony was in the classical period. There were also symphonies in the baroque period but was not as important.
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