There are so many people that lie in their profile and it just makes me laugh. Why not be upfront as to what your about or looking for. If you rre interested in having a relationship then say it and describe what type you are looking for. And if you are looking just for sex pick the best site suited for that audience.

Also, always use a recent photo of yourself. Not a picture of you that is 10 years old. Trust me when I say using a soap opera stars photo is not a good idea. I can remember when I was on and saw a TV stars photo on a profile I was in shock. I even went as far as to write him and wow you look just like so and so. Another time I was writing back and forth with a guy who used a picture of a model as his photo. He had asked me for an additional photo of myself so I agreed if he would do the same. When I got the photo he was bald and overweight. I was not to happy and let him know. But, of course he called be shallow but in fact I would never trust a person who misrepresented himself. And the other thing is dont lie about your age it is just plain stupid.

When you meet someone from the internet think of it as a Meet and Greet. This is not a real first date and makes no mistake about that. You need to meet the person to decide if you actually want a first date. So dont put so much pressure on yourself or have too high of expectations. Lately, make it short and sweet when you meet and if you are both are interested make plans for a real date. DonĂ¢t be fooled by all the emailing or phone calls and think this is the person of your dreams. You could feel like it is a bad dream. Trust me I have made this mistake once and I wll never do it again. Above all just have fun and remember its just a meet and greet.

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