(1685 - 1757).  Italian organist, harpsichordist, and composer, his father was Alessandro Scarlatti, who cast a long shadow over his son with his renown as a composer of operas.  The elder Scarlatti paved the way for Domenico's own successful career in music with his extensive royal connections.

According to legend, Domenico Scarlatti met Handel during his time in Rome and had a duel of skill on the organ and harpsichord, with the great German composer proving himself the superior organist, and a comparable if not inferior harpsichordist.

Scarlatti eventually found himself in Spain, where he served as music master in the court of Queen Maria Barbara, who he had tutored while in her native Portugal.  It was during his time in Spain that he composed his 555 (+) extant harpsichord sonatas.  These sonatas distinguish him as one of the most original composers of all time with their Spanish modality (he made frequent, skillful use of guitar-like effects, Spanish/gypsy folk idioms and the Phrygian cadence), Italian flare, simplicity, invention, innovative modulations and memorable melodies.

Pianists and guitarists alike have taken to enriching their own  repertoire with such key works at the Sonata in E major (K 380), Sonata in A major (K 322), Sonata in A major (K 208), Sonata in C minor (K 11), Sonata in A minor (K 175, Sonata in D minor (K 213), and the Sonata in C major (K 159).
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