The Russian Alexandrov Red Army Choir and Ensemble is the most renowned and prestigious military ensemble in the world. With breathtaking precision, their pure, harmonically rich sound brings to life a wide range of repertoire from Russian folk tunes to church hymns, operatic arias and popular music. This remarkable chorus, orchestra, and dance troupe have dazzled enthusiastic and appreciative audiences in over 40 countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and North America.

The Russian Alexandrov Red Army Choir and Ensemble, a performing ensemble that still serves as the official army choir of the Russian armed forces, is widely regarded as the foremost artistic ensemble of its kind, twice earning the Order of the Red Banner and Red Star, the highest military decoration recognizing civilian service.

The Red Army Ensemble performs with 125 musicians and performers, including soloists, a male choir and dancers accompanied by a full orchestra performing with a mixed composition of Russian traditional and western instruments, including the balalaika, the domra, the bayan, the double bass, woodwinds, brass and percussion instruments. Their rousing performances also include a sizzling selection of spirited dance presentations including the classic and lushly colourful Zaparozhtsi Dance, Dance of the Cossacks, and Soldier's Dance.

The company bears the name of its founder and first director, Alexander V. Alexandrov, an esteemed composer, conductor, and professor of the Moscow Conservatory who notably composed the National Anthem of the Russian Federation. The first Ensemble, composed of 12 people — a vocal octet, two dancers, and two musicians, first took to the stage on October 12, 1928, and by the mid-1930's, the Ensemble had already grown into a large performing group, becoming a large male choir with the orchestra and dance group. The first great success abroad came in 1937 at the Paris International Exhibition. The group became more widely known internationally in the 1950’s, in particular with a visit by the 200-member Ensemble to London in 1956 where they gave popular concerts that aroused immediate critical enthusiasm. Following the founder’s death in 1946, the Ensemble was taken over by Alexander Alexandrov's son, Boris Alexandrov. During his forty-year tenure, the Ensemble gained fame outside the Soviet Union, making extensive tours worldwide.

Today the Russian Red Army Choir and Ensemble is at the top of its class and is hailed as the finest military Band in the world.
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