The Elmhurst Symphony Orchestra—A cultural gem of the western suburbs. 

Few experiences are more captivating than being part of a live symphony orchestra concert. The conductor raises his baton, players and audience are hushed and wait with bated breath… then the hall is filled with a glorious explosion of music, harmony and emotion. Did you realize that we have concerts that can move and delight you like that, right here on your doorstep? 

For 54 years we’ve been bringing exhilarating performances right to the heart of the local community: world-class music and highly professional players, led by our outstanding conductor. Plus spectacular collaborations with a wealth of guest performers and groups allow us to offer a diverse repertoire and the chance to see both acclaimed and up-and-coming artists. 

Whether a first-time concert-goer or a connoisseur, our enthralling and informative multi-media support will enhance your appreciation and understanding of the music. 

Don’t miss out—join us at our next concert to be part of a magical musical experience.