The University of Wisconsin-River Falls Music Department offers high-quality programs in music leading to the degrees Bachelor of Music Education, Bachelor of Arts in Music, Bachelor of Science in Music, Master of Science in Education-Fine Arts, as well as Minors in Music and Musical Theater. The University of Wisconsin-River Falls is an accredited institutional member of the National Association of Schools of Music.

The UWRF Music Department has grown in recent years to approximately 120 student majors, and 28 faculty and instructional staff members. Our students benefit from excellent preparation for a career in music, or for continuation to graduate school. We are proud of our outstanding faculty, who are accomplished, experienced, and distinguished teachers, scholars, artists, and leaders in the musical arts community.
Our students and faculty benefit from the advantages of the comfortable, friendly, and scenic UWRF campus, while within a close proximity to the excellent cultural offerings of the Minneapolis/St Paul metropolitan area.

The UW-River Falls Music Department At A Glance:
-Commissioned Composer Project, annually since 1967
-Member of the National Association of Schools of Music
-Winner of the National Federation of Music Clubs Award
-Excellent faculty-student ratio
-Outstanding applied music studio instruction in all areas
-International and regional ensemble performance tours
-Outstanding facilities in the Kleinpell Fine Arts Building
-Excellent performance opportunities for all students
-Real-world teaching experience in Music Education
-Semester, Summer, and J-Term Study Abroad Program
-Internship openings with performing arts organizations in the Minneapolis St. Paul region
-Close proximity to leading cultural centers in the Minneapolis St. Paul region

We are currently moving 1/4" analog tape archives onto digital.  Some of these tracks date back to 1968.  We made our first pass of these tapes on the Commissioned Composer concerts as those are the most 'precious' to our campus.  We do realize that they are incomplete with track data and are currently attempting to locate old programs - most of which were not kept.  We would appreciate any input from listeners who can identify tracks - please leave those notes on our forum by each work.  We will update as we receive the information.