Our Vision

Musica Viva sees a future for Australia in a world shaped by creativity and imagination, in which music plays an essential inspirational role. We are committed to life-long engagement with music through concerts and education, for people of all cultures, including Australia’s Indigenous peoples. Musica Viva seeks to be the leading organisation in the world for connecting audiences and ensemble music, inspiring personal fulfilment and cultural vibrancy.

Mary Jo Capps

Our Inspiration

Some of the most subtle and sophisticated expressions of the human spirit are unique to chamber music. The preservation and continued evolution of this remarkable art form enriches our world.

Carl Vine
Artistic Director


Musica Viva is uncompromising in the quality of music it presents, whether it’s on concert stages or in school halls. Our music can cheer you up on a lousy day, can excite even the most stubborn heart and can be profoundly life-changing. It’s this quality that drives me to bring music to as many people as I possibly can.

Rebecca MacFarling
Director of Sales and Marketing


Australia's diversity is the result of the continent's long and continuous history of immigration and integration. The richness of the nation's musical landscape is just one of the many reflections of this diversity. This has always been exemplified across all of Musica Viva's activities and is one the reasons the organisation is truly unique.

Timothy Matthies
Director of Business


We want to encourage life-long learners who dare to venture outside their comfort zone and who embrace the challenge of examining their perceptions of the world through the lens of music. In this way we experience the joy and wonderment of discovery each time we engage with quality live music.

Kimbali Harding
Director of Education


Music at every stage of life has the power to connect with our hearts and minds. It evokes and stimulates the emotions, imagination and intellect. Music can invite us to listen deeply, move and dance or join in with our own voice or instrument. In all of this, the shining eyes of children and adults alike reveal the most astonishing ability of music: To create joy.

John Hibbard
National Manager, Teaching and Learning