Taras V. Kutsenko , was born November 18, 1977.
He proved himself as a conductor at age 16 - years. Art began to study conducting with his father, conductor Vital Kutsenko - the traditions of the Leningrad School of conducting (N. Rabinowitz, Sherman) and Kyiv School (H. Rachlin).

Since 1995, he studied at the Tchaikovsky Moscow State Conservatory (class trumpet a professor Vadim Novikov and conducting a professor Leonid Nikolaev). 
Winner of national and international contests of the wind instruments.

Since 1999, the organization is engaged in - producing activities. So the forces of the Russian Culture Fund, the International Union of Musicians and the Irina Arkhipova Foundation has undertaken a number of musical projects in the Great Hall of the Conservatory, among which it is worth noting , "The first performance in Russia, Felix Mendelssohn's oratorio" Elijah "in the Symphony Orchestra and Chorus of the Moscow Conservatory by the People Artist of USSR, Gennady Rozhdestvensky " ; 

Since 2003, the authorship with the theater-studio's «SounDrama» wrote the music for theater and film. Winner of the Russian Theatre Award "The Seagull".

Since 2006 - the musical director of projects Moscow State Theater of Nations.

Live and work in Russia and Ukraine.