Multi- faceted best describes Annie Darlin Gordon’s career as a musician and as a flutist. An active performer, Annie also enthusiastically supports arts and music education, collaborative artistic endeavors, and all genres and formats of music that can coincide with the classical music world.    

As a performer, Annie has traveled extensively throughout the United States and internationally where she has toured with orchestras, performed with chamber groups and contemporary ensembles, played with opera productions, and attended music festivals. Her U.S. appearances have included Washington’s D.C.’s Kennedy Center, New York City’s Carnegie Hall, Harvard’s Paine Concert Hall, and Cleveland’s Museum of Modern Art. China, Singapore, Brazil, Italy, and Canada have been some of her international performance destinations. 

Annie is a musician driven by social justice: “How can music continue to make our country a better place?” Her  priority as a professional is to explore music and music education’s role in aiding the transformation of the American public school system.

Teaching music has been an integral part of Annie’s career as a flutist from the beginning. Her most notable venture to date is Music Mentors, an educational outreach program at Oberlin College designed by Annie and colleague Netta Rappaport to provide college musicians with hands-on teaching experience on a daily basis to better prepare for future teaching careers. Music Mentors also fosters community and college engagement and provides the middle school students living in a low-income area with a fresh musical resource and mentorship.

A recent graduate from the Oberlin Conservatory with a BM in flute performance, Annie is currently residing in Pittsburgh, PA where she is pursuing her Masters in flute performance at Carnegie Mellon University. She was born and raised in Hollywood, Florida.