Vox Slavicum , the mixed chamber choir from Belgrade (Serbia) was founded in 2009 by experienced amateur choir singers, driven by enthusiasm to participate on the 15th International Choir Festival Choirs amongFrescoes. This first appearance has shown to be a great success. The choir won theSpecial Award for Authentic Performance of Serbian spiritual music and the choir's conductor Svetlana Krsticwas given the Special Awardfor the interpretation of the pieces of contemporary national composers. Afterwards, the choircontinued to participate and be awarded on the national as well as international festivals.


At the First International Choir Festival Voice of Belgrade, organized in April 2010, choir won the Award for the Best Performance of the Spiritual Piece. May 2010, Vox Slavicum was the absolute winner of the 11th International Choir Festival in Bijeljina (Bosnia and Herzegovina) in the Chamber Choirs category.


The following year, Vox Slavicum was assessed with the highest score among the all festival participants on the Second International Choir Festival Voice of Belgrade. In addition to that, on the same festival Vox Slavicum was awarded with the Special Prize for the performance of the Contemporary Piece. July 2011, the choir took part both in the festival and competition on the International Choir festival Seghizzi in Gorizia (Italy) and won the Bronze Medal in the category of the contemporary music. The conductor Svetlana Krstic was awarded with the Prize for the Best Conductor of the festival.


Vox Slavicum choir has a long line of successful performances and concerts in the country and the region, among which stands out the concert cycle dedicated to Slavic authors (P.I. Tchaikovsky, P. Chesnokov, St. St. Mokranjac, M. Tajcevic, D. Hristov, S. Rachmaninov, A. Archangelsky, S. Hristic) and has shared stages with many accomplished soloists from Belgrade, Novi Sad and Madlenianum Opera House. Apart from Slavic and Serbian composers, choir’s rich repertoire includes music of all epochs and styles (G. P. Da Palestrina, C. Monteverdi, J. S. Bach, W. A. Mozart, F. Schubert, J. Brahms), together with jazz, gospel, musicals and contemporary 20th and 21st century music pieces, as well as capital vocal-instrumental pieces (E. Witachre, B. Perru, R. Petrovic, D. Suplevski, D. Golemovic, S. Bozic, K. Babic).

Mission of the Vox Slavicum choir consists of nurturing and preservation of musical and cultural heritage of Serbia and all Slavic countries and promotion of its values. This is to be done by developing and improving international cultural relations and cooperation, bringing rarely performed music from around the world to the domestic audience and following modern streams in vocal and choral music fields.