Our Mission

Las Vegas Contemporary Dance Theater is dedicated to preserving and presenting the work of generations of great artists, choreographers and teachers, as well as, showcasing the work of emerging talent in a broad spectrum of dance styles. LVCDT seeks to maintain a world-class performing arts company, creating multicultural opportunities to build artistic bridges beyond our borders. Through educational outreach programs, LVCDT seeks out at-risk youth and provides a path to confidence, discipline and excellence that will benefit the youth and their community far beyond their participation in the dance program.

LVCDT will bring the elegance, grace, discipline and dignity that is dance to all classes, all cultures and all walks of life

Our Vision

It is our vision that the Las Vegas Contemporary Dance Theater and its artists become distinguished ambassadors of America through the universal language of dance. Based in Las Vegas, and proud to be part of its legend, we seek to bridge cultural divides and connect to art forms around the world using the powers of mind, body and spirit, translated into dance.

Dance is the spoken word of movement and is part of the culture of almost every civilization in the world. Through the sharing of dance’s many rituals, we envision sharing Las Vegas with the world and bringing back a little of the world in return.