Music Art Project, MAP, is an organization which promotes cooperation in the fields of art and culture, aiming to raise public awareness in Serbia about the importance of creativity and the social, economic and democratic impact of music on the society.


Being aware that an increasing number of young people are leaving the country in search of additional education and affirmation in the centers of culture abroad, MAP wishes to provide them with opportunities to gain experience as artists by working with internationally renowned professional performers here in Serbia. This way MAP wishes to support their aspiration towards personal development.  


The array of professional experience offered by MAP ranges from public performing and production where young artists learn about teamwork, a prerequisite for any future activity, to the participation in master classes given by leading artists. This helps them to significantly improve the quality of performing and gain experience in public performing, teaches them to create on the scene, improvise and spontaneously create artistic expressions, thus experiencing a spectrum of emotions.


MAP was founded for artists - to serve them, support their visions, take care of them and believe in them, so that these talented individuals continue to inspire others in our society and beyond. Because the world needs creative and inspiring people to become leaders in various segments of the society, be it artists, successful businessmen or leaders of various institutions.  


We strive to organize master classes offering an innovative interdisciplinary and cross-sectorial approach. We thus contribute to enhanced representation of the cultural policy in the framework of development policies at national levels.