Born in Tokyo in 1960. After Graduating from the Musashino Academia Musicae, Kaori Nabeshima started her career in the fields of broadcasting and the stage. Her debut as a composer was in 1996 at Suntory Hall Blue Rose Tokyo. After winning the third prize at the domestic competition, her music activity has been broadened worldwide. Her compositions have recently been introduced in Europe & U.S. Some of them have been adopted as graduation test pieces or recital programs by Conservatoire de Paris,  Conservatoire de Lyon, the Royal Conservatory of Brussels, and The college of New Jersey. Many pieces are published by Zen-On music company, ONGAKU NO TOMO SHA CORP., edition KAWAI, and are also released by Toshiba EMI, KOSEI publishing Co. etc.


Rising Sun for Pf.(1996)

Exotic Dance for Alto Sax. & Pf.(1996)

"Jaane" for Vocal& Pf.(1996)

"Shi to Honowo" for Vocal & Pf.(1996)

"Neko-yo" for Sop.& Pf.(1996)

Sparkling Time for Sop.Sax. & Mar.(1996)

Splash Dance for Sax. Quartet(1997)

Dazzle Crossing for Vl.& VC.& Pf.(1997)

Sparkling Waves for Mar. & Strings(1998)

"Izanaki & Izanami" from Kojiki for V.C. & Pf.& Recitation(1998)

Initially for A.Sax.& Mar.(1999)

Opera "Ju-San-Ya" (1999)

Sentience for Shakuhachi, Sanghen (1999)

A Spirit of water for Euphonium solo.(2001) :compulsory piece for Japan Wind and Percussion Competition

Jubilia  for  piano duo.(2002)

Left in a time....  for Cl. Bass, Perc. & Pf. (2002)  

Vector Dance for C.B. & Pf.(2002)

Amaranth for Euphonium & Pf.(2002) 

Solo Dance for Alto Sax.(2005)  

Aerial Dancing for Mar. & Perc. trio(2006)

Another Dance for Alto Sax. & Pf.(2006)  

Junk Mood for Tp. & Piano & Marimba & Perc.(2006) 

"UTSUSEMI" from Genji for Alto Sax. Mar. & Perc.& Recitation(2006)

Flash Ways in memory of "Beatles-Let it be" for Pf.(2007) 

Horizon Workers for Perc.trio.(2007) 

Little Cinema for Euph.& Piano(2007)

Little Cinema Suite for Euph.& Piano(2007)

Little Cinema Suite for Euph.& Orch.(2007) :commissioned by Kosei Wind Orchestra

Tiara Symphony (2008) : commissioned by Hilton Tokyo Bay

Vector Dance 2 for Vl. &Pf. (2011) 

to Heaven for Sop.& Pf.(2011)

Time Portrait for Fl.(2011)

Horizon Workers II for Cl. V.C. & Bass (2011)

Love Beatles for Pf. Duo.(2013)

Are you Happy?  for Pf. Duo.(2013)

Are you Happy? for Tp.& Pf.(2013)

Are you Happy?  for Mar.& Pf.(2013)  

Daily Life for Mar.& Pf.(2014) 

Little Cinema for Mar.& Pf.(2014) 

Azzurra for Mar.& Pf.(2014)

Chameleon, the dreamer for Mar. & Pf.(2014)

Eros and Psyque by Erectronics sounds music for a film by Gerard Gil (2015)

Dos cuentos que caben en la palma de la mano from Yasunari Kawabata by music  for a film by Isaki Lacuesta (2015)

from the Heart   for Mar. & Pf.(2015)

Requiem   for Mar. & Pf.(2016)

from the Horizon   for Vla, Bass Fl. Hrp. (2016)

Marble Session for Mar. Vib. Pf. Perc. (2016)

A Tree Within for a cappella Mix Chorus (2017)

Stray Birds I  for Female Chorus, Mar, Fl, Pf. (2017)

Amazing Grace Variation for Soprano, Vl. VC. Pf (2017)

Dance Talkative for Violin solo (2018)

E no Uchi to Soto for Sop, Guitar (2019)

Little Cinema Suite  for Euphonium and Symphonic Band (2020)

Beyond for String Orchestra(2020)  commissioned by MargaMarga Orchestra

for children:

A Fun Hike for Pf. Solo (2001)

Bells bringing peace f or Pf. Solo (2002)

Chiny Condor 45 for Pf.Solo (2002)

Good Night, See You Tomorrow for Pf.Solo (2003)

A Kitten hunting for Pf.Duo(2005)

Hippo falls in Love for Pf.Duo(2012) :Commissioned by JFC

Chameleon, the dreamer for Pf. Duo(2014) :Commissioned by JFC

for Chorus:

"Sekai wo mezasu wakoudo" (1999) Centennial anniversary song of Tokyo University of Foreign Studies.

Kiiroi Sazanami in 2 voices & Pf. (2005)
The Sorcerer's Apprentice in 2 voices & Pf. (2011)