Daniel Kellogg, Composer
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“Daniel Kellogg, barely out of his 20s, is one of the most exciting composers around – technically assured, fascinated by unusual sonic textures, unfailingly easy to listen to, yet far from simplistic.” wrote the Washington Post . After being chosen as Young Concert Artists Composer-in-Residence in 2002, Daniel Kellogg has become one of the nation’s most prominent young composers. Dr. Kellogg, Assistant Professor of Composition at the University of Colorado, had recent premieres with the Ph...
The Colorado Music Festival will premiere Daniel Kellogg's The Gates of Paradise August 2&3, 2012 - 7:30PM at the Chautauqua Auditorium in Boulder, Colorado.
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Kellogg: Monument
Composer: Daniel Kellogg
Conductor: Dr. Matthew Roeder
Recording Date: Tue 5 Feb 2013
Monument (6:55) N/A
Kellogg: Gloria
Composer: Daniel Kellogg
Recording Date: Mon 6 Dec 2004
IV - Qui Tollis (2:32) N/A
Kellogg: Fanfare for Dover Beach
Composer: Daniel Kellogg
Recording Date: Sun 9 May 1999
Fanfare for Dover Beach (4:14) N/A