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Peter Schickele, Composer
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Composer Peter Schikele (b. 1935) is best known as the Grammy® Award-winning satirist responsible for the hilarious fictional composer, P.D.Q. Bach (1807-1742?), which he created during the mid-1960s at about the same time he left his teaching position at the Juilliard School. The salient feature of any "P.D.Q." work is the satirical blending of recognizable classical pieces and styles (which Schickele calls "manic plagiarism") with elements of present-day pop culture. His many memorable titl...
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Schickele: Serenade for Three N/A
Intro / About... (1:14) N/A
I - Dances (5:33) N/A
II - Songs (4:21) N/A
III - Variations (3:53) N/A
Schickele: Clarinet Quintet "Spring Ahead"
Composer: Peter Schickele
Recording Date: Sun 19 Jul 2015
V - A Perfect Picnic (5:52) N/A
Schickele: Serenade for Three N/A
I - Dances (5:34) N/A
II - Songs (3:57) N/A
III - Aria: "Howdy, there" from P. D. Q. Bach's Oedipus Tex (6:06) N/A
IV - Variations (4:33) N/A