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Marco Guidarini, Conductor
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Marco Guidarini first came to my attention with his conductiong of Opera Australia's 'Orphee et Eurydice'. After 40 years of concert-going, some in the professional capacity of music critic for the Glasgow Herald in Scotland and the Birmingham Post in England, I can truthfully say I have never been so moved by this work. His taut, brisk tempi moved the music along in the set-piece choruses yet the lyrical moments were lovingly moulded to allow David Hobson's haut-contre   to shape phrases wi...
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Verdi: Simon Boccanegra
Prologue: Prelude (1:24) Work Only
Prologue: Che dicesti? (5:39) Work Only
Prologue: L'altra magion vedete? (3:01) Work Only
Prologue: A te l'estremo addio (5:16) Work Only
Prologue: Suona ogni labbro il mio nome (6:29) Work Only
Prologue: Oh, de' Fieschi implacata (4:38) Work Only
Act I - Scene 1 - Prelude (2:32) Work Only
Act I - Scene 1 - Come in quest'ora bruna (3:45) Work Only
Act I - Scene 1 - Cielo di stelle orbato (7:20) Work Only
Act I - Scene 1 - Propizio ei giunge! (4:57) Work Only
Act I - Scene 1 - Il Doge vien (4:02) Work Only
Act I - Scene 1 - Orfanella il tetto umile; Figlia! a tal nome io palpito (9:29) Work Only
Act I - Scene 1 - Che rispose (1:14) Work Only
Act I - Scene 2 - Misseri, il re di Tartaria vi porge (4:49) Work Only
Act I - Scene 2 - Ferisci! (0:57) Work Only
Act I - Scene 2 - Amelia, di' come fosti rapita (2:36) Work Only
Act I - Scene 2 - Plebe! Patrizi! Popolo (2:36) Work Only
Act I - Scene 2 - Ecco la spade (4:59) Work Only
Act II - Quei due vedesti? (2:32) Work Only
Act II - Prigioniero in qual loco m'adduci? (1:43) Work Only
Act II - Udisti? Vil disegno! (6:28) Work Only
Act II - Tu qui? Amelia! (4:32) Work Only
Act II - Figlia! Sì afflitto, o padre mio? (6:21) Work Only
Act II - Oh! Amelia... ami... un nemico... (7:28) Work Only
Act II - All'armi, all'armi, o Liguri (1:26) Work Only
Act III - Evviva il Doge! (6:45) Work Only
Act III - M'ardon le tempia (7:13) Work Only
Act III - Piango, perché mi parla in te (3:49) Work Only
Act III - Chi veggo! (2:54) Work Only
Act III - Gran Dio, li benedici (7:52) Work Only