Jeremy Kurtz, Double Bass
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San Diego Symphony principal bassist Jeremy Kurtz has a diverse musical background that includes solo, chamber and orchestral performance. He is the winner of numerous competitions, including the 1997 International Society of Bassists solo competition, and was the only bassist to be featured in Strad Magazine’s January 2000 “New Century, New Talent” issue. His recital experience is extensive, including solo appearances in Houston, Memphis, Philadelphia, San Antonio, San Diego, San Francisco,...
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Bruce: The North Wind was a Woman, for Soprano and Chamber Ensemble N/A
I - The Snow is Completely Without Hope (4:52) N/A
II - The North Wind is a Woman (3:56) N/A
III - The Night Wants You to Forget (6:03) N/A
IV - The Crescent Moon is a Dangerous Lunatic (3:23) N/A
V - The Mountain Shares Her Solitary Dreams (5:33) N/A
Rabbath: Poucha Dass
Poucha Dass (5:38) N/A
Ljova: Vjola Suite N/A
Bagel on the Malecon (3:21) N/A
Plume (3:19) N/A
Ori's Fearful Symmetry (6:13) N/A
Crosstown (6:14) N/A
Budget Bulgar (2:50) N/A