Avner Dorman, Composer
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Avner Dorman (born 1975) “Avner Dorman leaves a strong mark in the Israeli music scene here and now. His music is the most original, unique, and of the highest quality to have been played by our orchestras in the past season. Dorman is a contemporary Israeli composer that grew up in a musical family and was enchanted by all the sounds of musical space around him – of both concert and popular music. His works today demonstrate his personal statement within the realm of these influences, wh...
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Dorman: Variations on a Simple Theme
Composer: Avner Dorman
Ensemble: Myriad Trio
Recording Date: Sat 17 Jun 2017
Variations on a Simple Theme (13:51) N/A
Dorman: Prayer for the Innocents
Prayer for the Innocents (14:47) N/A
Dorman: Piano Sonata
Composer: Avner Dorman
Recording Date: Sat 2 Jul 2011
II - Presto (6:19) N/A