Christopher Adler, Composer
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Christopher Adler is a composer, performer and improviser living in San Diego, California. His compositions encompass cross-culturally hybrid forms drawn from contemporary concert music and traditional musics of Thailand and Laos, the application of mathematics to composition, and the integration of improvisation into structured composition. He is a foremost performer of traditional and new music for the khaen, a free-reed mouth organ from Laos and Northeast Thailand. He is a pianist for the ...
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Adler: Bear Woman Dances N/A
Recording Date: Fri 13 Feb 2004
I - i. Prayer (chungmori changdan) (7:18) N/A
II - ii. Emergence, iii. Nongak (9:36) N/A
Adler: Petit Hommage a Jehan Alain
Recording Date: Wed 13 Jun 2007
Petit Hommage a Jehan Alain (5:40) N/A
Adler: Five Cycles
Five Cycles (2:09) N/A
Boquiren: Babaylan
Ensemble: NOISE
Recording Date: Sat 12 Mar 2011
Babaylan (9:22) N/A
Boquiren: angel music
Recording Date: Sat 12 Mar 2011
angel music (5:21) N/A