Keane Southard, Composer
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Bio (as a composer): Described as “a hugely prolific musician with a wide variety of skill sets” ( , Keane Southard (b. 1987) is a composer and pianist who believes deeply in the power of music to change how people think, feel, and act, and that it can be a catalyst for positive change in the world. His music has been described as “a terrific discovery” ( Bandworld Magazine...
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Recording of "An Appalachian Trail Symphony: New England" performed by the Clafin Hill Symphony Orchestra set to photos from my hike.
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Southard: A Waltz for Diane
Composer: Keane Southard
Recording Date: Sat 2 Jun 2018
A Waltz for Diane (2:55) N/A
Southard: Prelude No. 14 (Berceuse) for Piano Solo
Prelude No. 14 (Berceuse) for Piano Solo (4:03) N/A
Foulds: Recollections of Ancient Greek Music N/A
Composer: John Foulds
Recording Date: Sun 13 May 2018
I - Solemn Temple Dance (in the Lydian mode) (1:53) N/A
II - Processional (in the Ionian mode) (4:42) N/A
III - Song of Argive Helen (in the Aeolian mode) (2:19) N/A
IV - Temple Chant (in the Dorian mode) (2:45) N/A
V - Dirge for a Hero (in the Phyrgian mode) (2:47) N/A
Foulds: Dance Tunes from Punjab
Composer: John Foulds
Recording Date: Sat 2 Jun 2018
Dance Tunes from Punjab (4:55) N/A
Southard: An Appalachian Trail Symphony: New England (Symphony No.1) N/A
Composer: Keane Southard
Conductor: Paul Surapine
Recording Date: Sat 28 Apr 2018
I - Connecticut (2:20) N/A
II - Massachusetts (4:36) N/A
III - Vermont (5:43) N/A
IV - New Hampshire (6:26) N/A
V - Maine (10:28) N/A