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Our Mission The mission of the Adelphi Orchestra is to serve the musical and educational needs of the citizens of New Jersey, with special emphasis given to families with young children, seniors and those with limited financial means. To further this end, numerous concerts are offered free of admission charges. The Adelphi Orchestra strives to advance the orchestral arts through education, original commission, community partnerships and its robust young artist pr...
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Thank you for your interest in supporting the ACO! You donation to the Adelphi Chamber Orchestra supports our inspiring fre-admission concerts and community outreach programs. We welcome donations in any amount. The ACO has been a part of the community for over 58 years. Your generous donation will help keep this fine tradition alive. The ACO is a 501(c)(3) organization, so your donation is tax deductible.
Goal: $25,000
15 May 2021
St. John's in the Village
24 Oct 2021
River Dell Regional Middle School