Brett Sprague, Tenor
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Brett Sprague is an American tenor from Lakewood, WA. While in Western Washington he performed Handel’s Messiah with the Tacoma Symphony Orchestra as well as performing in many other solo recitals and concerts. He earned a Bachelor of Music Degree from Chapman University in Southern California in May 2010. Brett was a member of the cast of Opera Chapman productions for the majority of his time at Chapman. His first role was Eisenstein in Johann Strauss’ Die Fledermaus in the fall of 2007. In ...
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Kirk: Prayers from the Ark N/A
Composer: Theron Kirk
Recording Date: Sat 20 Mar 2010
I - The Prayer of the Monkey (1:25) N/A
II - The Prayer of the Goat (1:57) N/A
III - The Prayer of the Dog (3:13) N/A
IV - The Prayer of the Lark (1:22) N/A
V - The Prayer of the Cock (1:38) N/A
VI - The Prayer of the Dove (4:31) N/A
Koechlin: Poems of Edmond Haracourt N/A
I - Claire du Lune (5:00) N/A
II - Pleine Eau (4:07) N/A
III - Dame du Ciel (4:44) N/A
Brahms: Romances (15), Op. 33 "Magelone-Lieder" N/A
I - Keinen hat es noch gerut (3:43) N/A
II - Sind es Schmerzen, sind es freuden (4:54) N/A
III - Ruhe, Sussliebchen (5:38) N/A
IV - Wie froh und Frisch (2:49) N/A
V - Treue Liebe dauert lange (5:02) N/A