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Tony Cho
1 fan
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Kirk: Prayers from the Ark N/A
Composer: Theron Kirk
Recording Date: Sat 20 Mar 2010
I - The Prayer of the Monkey (1:25) N/A
II - The Prayer of the Goat (1:57) N/A
III - The Prayer of the Dog (3:13) N/A
IV - The Prayer of the Lark (1:22) N/A
V - The Prayer of the Cock (1:38) N/A
VI - The Prayer of the Dove (4:31) N/A
Koechlin: Poems of Edmond Haracourt N/A
I - Claire du Lune (5:00) N/A
II - Pleine Eau (4:07) N/A
III - Dame du Ciel (4:44) N/A
Brahms: Romances (15), Op. 33 "Magelone-Lieder" N/A
I - Keinen hat es noch gerut (3:43) N/A
II - Sind es Schmerzen, sind es freuden (4:54) N/A
III - Ruhe, Sussliebchen (5:38) N/A
IV - Wie froh und Frisch (2:49) N/A
V - Treue Liebe dauert lange (5:02) N/A