Emily Koh, Composer
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Emily Koh is an award-winning young composer of contemporary classical music based in Baltimore MD, and a native of Singapore.
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Koh: Two Miniatures N/A
Composer: Emily Koh
Recording Date: Wed 30 Jan 2008
I - I. (1:06) N/A
II - II. (2:16) N/A
Koh: Generations
Composer: Emily Koh
Conductor: Gemma New
Recording Date: Wed 5 May 2010
Generations (13:37) N/A
Koh: The Remorse of the Dead
Composer: Emily Koh
Conductor: Lee Mills
Ensemble: Peabody Singers
Recording Date: Mon 11 Apr 2011
The Remorse of the Dead (5:23) N/A
Koh: After Igor
Composer: Emily Koh
Conductor: Yau Lim
Recording Date: Tue 9 Nov 2010
After Igor (9:07) N/A
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