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The premiere classical and location recording business in San Diego, RMAP's main goal is to provide affordable recording and audio services that are second to none in quality and professionalism. All recordings are treated with the same respect and attention to detail, regardless of the nature of the ensemble. We believe that superior recorded sound comes from a knowledge of both the craft of recording and knowledge of the recorded source. RMAP specializes in recording classical and acoustic ...
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Cotton: Meditation, Rhapsody and Bacchanal N/A
Meditation (5:09) N/A
Rhapsody (5:38) N/A
Bacchanal (5:25) N/A
Shostakovich: Quartet for Strings no 8 in C minor, Op. 110 N/A
Largo (4:41) N/A
Allegro molto (2:45) N/A
Allegretto (4:07) N/A
Largo (4:56) N/A
Largo (4:07) N/A
Bruce: The Consolation of Rain N/A
I (4:48) N/A
II (3:18) N/A
III (5:53) N/A
IV (4:02) N/A
V (4:40) N/A