Fabio Machado, Mandolin
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Fabio Machado Born in Funchal (Madeira), Machado is widely regarded as Portugal’s top leading mandolinist. He started studying mandolin at the age of 9 years and later on joined the Madeira Mandolin Orchestra and advanced to concertmaster. He played on radio and national television and recorded two CDs with the Orchestra, named “A Bem da Arte II” and “Bandolins” (“Mandolins”). Machado toured Portugal in 1998 with stops in Águeda, Vila ...
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I got inspired by Daniel Hope and mixed Bach's E Major Violin Concerto (BWV 1042 & 1054) since the latter has some interesting variations for the piano that don’t exist in the violin version.
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Kaufmann: Burletta & Mitoka Dragomirna N/A
Composer: Armin Kaufmann
Recording Date: Wed 26 Jan 2011
I - Burletta (2:27) N/A
II - Mitoka Dragomirna (2:25) N/A
Kreisler: Caprice viennois, Op. 2
Composer: Fritz Kreisler
Recording Date: Wed 26 Jan 2011
Caprice viennois, Op. 2 (4:20) N/A