Make a Donation

Please join the Westwind Brass as we fulfill our mission to broaden and enrich the musical legacy of local, national and international audiences through performance and educational services featuring brass instruments and the diverse music of our times.
Your donation of $5 or more will help Westwind Brass provide 20 public concerts for the San Diego Region during 2008. Concert themes include Westwind Big Brass, Brass Masterpieces by American Composers, Holiday Program, Community Sing-a-Long with the San Diego Children’s Choir, and The World Resounds with guest artist, Ho-Asogli.

Now entering our 21st season of award-winning performances, our ensemble provides standards based, educational outreach programs annually reaching over 30 elementary, middle and high schools in the San Diego Region.  Thanks to Westwind Brass, literally tens of thousands of area schoolchildren are enriched by these innovative programs.

Our goal for this year is $50,000.

Westwind Brass serves as an ambassador of goodwill and culture to far-flung cities and cultures.  Westwind Brass also helps maintain the musical diversity of the San Diego region. Please help support this cultural mainstay of San Diego which, in turn, raises our community’s “quality of life” rating.  
Your donation of $5 or more will ensure that Westwind Brass provides access to quality brass chamber music to the diverse communities of San Diego and Baja California.