Make a Donation


In these uncertain economic times, it is even more important to give as economic downturns affect non-profits fortunes drastically.  Octarium is no exception.

Octarium has historically run an extremely tight ship, spending only on artistic personnel and limited marketing.   You may donate in support of our marketing efforts.  Or in support of our singer salaries.  Or in support of our next CD release, Should Have Been Choral, which is on hold due to budget constraints.   Or you may give an undesignated gift, which can be used for less exciting expenses such as office supplies, music purchases and liability insurance.

But please give.

We too often refrain from giving because we can only afford to be charitable in small amounts.  But for an organization like Octarium, small amounts from many people are the bulk of our cash flow.  If enough people give in small amounts, Octarium sails onward in a strong wind.  Our budget last season, spending only the bare minimum was in the neighborhood of $60,000. That’s 2,400 people giving $25.  You could be one of those 2,400 people.

It only takes 600 people giving $100 to meet that bare minimum budget amount.

And so on.

So please consider a gift, large or small, in support of Octarium.