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Raining Acorns: Sailing Past Lachenmann: Why I'm Ecstatic added by PrufrocksDilemma on 30 Mar 2011 tag | report
a listener's musical manifesto: bearing witness to a musical renascence led by brilliant, effervescent composers coming up now, well grounded in the musical past, protean in their imaginative vision, and with delightful disregard for traditional musical boundaries.
Raining Acorns: Slouching Toward Lachenmann: Transfiguri... added by PrufrocksDilemma on 10 Mar 2011 tag | report
Adventures in 12-tone music . . . waltzing toward Wozzeck
Raining Acorns: Slouching Toward Lachenmann: Björk’s Abyss added by PrufrocksDilemma on 2 Jan 2011 tag | report
Second in the "Slouching" series, this article explores Minimalism.
Raining Acorns: Slouching Toward Lachenmann: John Cage, ... added by PrufrocksDilemma on 5 Dec 2010 tag | report
With Helmut Lachenmann as the touchpoint, including a little advice from John Metcalf, this article explores the music (and the phenomenon) of John Cage.
Raining Acorns: A Conversation with Composer John Metcalf... added by PrufrocksDilemma on 23 Oct 2010 tag | report
This article is the last in a three-part series based on an interview with composer John Metcalf. In the article, Metcalf discusses the function and disfunction of music criticism and finding one's way as a composer to honest self expression, and he offers a pathway to listeners by which to discover and understand contemporary classical music. The article includes references to Pierre Boulez, Benjamin Britten, Dmitri Shostakovich, and Helmut Lachenmann.
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