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Douglas Townsend's Third Annual Social Networking Concert added by douglastownsend on 8 Feb 2013 tag | report
This is a podcast of a live concert on April 24, 2012 at Saint Peter's Church in Manhattan. It features the compositions of 8 living composers performed by over 20 professional musicians, all friends of curator and producer Composer Douglas Townsend. Sound engineering by Eric Somers of Sandbook Studio. The composers in this year's concert are: Ned Rorem, David L. Post, Emma Lou Diemer, Houston Dunleavy, Douglas Townsend, Mohammed Fairouz, Avner Dorman, and Adrienne Albert. Hosted by John Delmar.
YouTube - adriennealbert's Channel added by adriennealbertmusic on 23 May 2010 tag | report
Videos of some of Adrienne Albert's chamber works.
West Covina Symphony Orchestra - InstantEncore added by adriennealbertmusic on 3 Mar 2010 tag | report
Sylvia Lee Mann directs this outstanding ensemble in a multitude of concerts of chamber and orchestral music.
Chamber Works - Adrienne Albert, Composer added by adriennealbertmusic on 3 Mar 2010 tag | report
"Doppler Effect" came to me while dining at a sidewalk cafe in Rome, Italy. The notion of writing a piece based on the findings of an Austrian mathematician who observed the increase and decrease in the pitch of sound when the source and observer are getting closer or further apart came to me when hearing the myriad sirens passing by through the dense traffic. The motif descends by a minor second returning to the original harmony combined with the repeated minor seconds portraying the incessant sounds of car horns. The melodic lines portray the vibrancy and sensuality of the people in contrast to the craziness around them. This piece has been recorded numerous times and can be found on my website:
Artist Series - Sonic Tapestries : Sylvia Lee Mann & Frie... added by westcovinasymphony on 1 Mar 2010 tag | report
Contemporary American Composer - Adrienne Albert added by BillStensrud on 17 Jun 2009 tag | report
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