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THE SNOW MELTS TO REVEAL NEW MUSIC ~ Review of A Night of... added by perimauer on 11 Oct 2014 tag | report
"Following, was the ?rst performance of Peri Mauer’s At Home with Allen Ginsberg, a song cycle inspired by Ginsberg’s readings of his own poetry. The ?ve evocative songs – including the dramatic “Sunset”, recounting the moving premature death of a young son – were brought to unique life by Daniel Neer’s expressive and dynamic baritone paired with Christopher Berg’s skillful ?ow at the piano." ~ Ted Gorodetzky THE GLASS
A Night to Remember: Contemporary Music at New York City’... added by perimauer on 1 Oct 2012 tag | report
Music Review (excerpt)-David M. Abrams Peri Mauer NUDIBRANCH FRIDAY, for violin and cello Bargemusic Here and Now September 20, 2012 The duo of Curtis Stewart, first violinist, and Amanda Gookin, cello, of the PUBLIQuartet then played composer Peri Mauer’s fascinating Nudibranch Friday. In her introductory comment, Ms. Mauer explained that nudibranch, shell-less marine mollusks that comprise the sea slugs, are characterized by fascinating shapes and intriguing patterns and their intricate color and form inspired her to compose this wonderful duo . The piece is made up of 7 continuous sections, each based on a different nudibranch. Violinist Curtis Stewart has a warm, clear sound and sparkling rhythmic energy and cellist Amanda Gookin has a deep, rich tone and a lovely rubato that enriched both the slow and fast sections of Ms. Mauer’s unusual composition. Peri Mauer’s innovative compositions are at the forefront of contemporary music, and Nudibranch Friday is clearly one of her most
La Folia -- A New Music Concert in St. Peter’s Church added by Peri Mauer on 15 Aug 2010 tag | report
La Folia Online Music Review (Excerpt) A New Music Concert in St. Peter’s Church "Morning Night and Noon for two clarinets by Peri Mauer stood out as appealing and original. Ismail Lumanovski and Vaski Dukovski reacted to each other and to the music with imagination and energy. In Night one truly felt midnight’s eerie darkness. Her portrayal of the composer David Noon (Ms. Mauer’s former teacher) was vibrantly eccentric and electrically charged. The music displayed creativity throughout the triptych."
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