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MCE's moving Schubert Mass | - Kansas ... added by mce on 3 Apr 2013 tag | report
The Midwest Chamber Ensemble is a young group—this past Sunday’s concert marked the one-year anniversary of the group’s inception—but the quality and ambition of the concert’s program and performance certainly indicates that more great things are to be expected from this collective of musicians. Led by director Steve Lewis, the small string orchestra was joined for this concert by the Sacred Arts Chorale for a special performance of Schubert’s Mass in G Major. The small choir and orchestra achieved a balanced and beautiful blend of sound right from the first notes of the thoughtful Kyrie, with all parts easily heard. The Gloria was indeed quite glorious, beginning with brilliant scalar runs in the strings and joyful declamations from the choir. A steady orchestral motor in the Credo allowed for the choir to project its involved text easily, but the strongest moments were the shocking dynamic shifts by the whole group, taking the piece from whispered pianissimo to sudden fortissimo with
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